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A Brief Outlook of CIPD Qualification

CIPD stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development that amalgamates the concepts of HR and L&D together and provides the students with work-based skills that are enough to meet the organisation objectives. Moreover, the qualification of CIPD is accepted internationally and predominantly which makes it a highly celebrated education. It majorly incorporates the aspects of Human Resource and Learning and Development which entice the working adults of HR domain to step into the world of CIPD and learn the advanced leadership and managerial skills and knowledge that builds a phenomenal career.

Likewise, CIPD is suitable for students who intend to commence their professional careers in the domains of HR and grow their leadership qualities to the next level. Hence, HR-based specialisation works best for the current and prospective students to align their skills with industrial needs.

CIPD learning promotes HR and leadership skills within the individuals so that they become able to showcase effective work performance within organisational contexts. In addition to this, the CIPD qualification draws out multiple perspectives for the students to learn such as how to control training and development sessions, what are the roles of an effective HR practitioner, what techniques are needed to design and deliver L&D activities, how to conduct recruitment and selection process, etc. In this manner, the CIPD courses meet the expectations and requirements of the organisations with 100% compliance.

CIPD Division into Levels 3, 5, and 7

CIPD is classified into the following levels.

CIPD Level 3

CIPD level 3 is the foundation level that embodies the introductory parameters of HR and L&D. It suits the students who are newbies in the field or have less background information of the domains. Moreover, this level covers practical and industrial skills that play an important role in handling the complex tasks in the business and produce productive results that meet the pre-set business objectives. Thus, if you are also the one who have inborn leadership skills and vision to nurture them to undertake HR roles and responsibilities, then CIPD level 3 is appropriate for you. Besides, at this initial stage, you have to choose between the two options to study and they are HR and L&D. This level covers the following units in which we provide the best assistance across KSA.

  • CIPD Level 3 Resourcing Talent
  • CIPD Level 3 Recording, Analysing and Using Human Resources Information
  • CIPD Level 3 Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations
  • CIPD Level 3 Supporting Good Practice in Performance & Reward Management
  • CIPD Level 3 Supporting Change Within Organisations
  • CIPD Level 3 Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR
  • CIPD Level 3 Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner

CIPD Level 5

CIPD level 5 is planned for the working adults who have experienced the managerial and leadership roles and aim to uplift their positions by delving deeper into the keynotes and understanding of HR. Similarly, this level is also best for the prospective students who have a slight grasp over the reins of controlling the HR area of a business and wish to take on challenging roles of Human Resource experts. Also, this level stands equal with the undergraduate level of education which is why it ranks elite in the industry. Furthermore, the learner would uncover the vital components of HR and L&D including recruitment, succession planning, retention, employment law, induction, and HR information system. Additionally, this unit covers the following units majorly.

  • CIPD level 5 Employment Law
  • CIPD level 5 Resourcing and Talent Planning
  • CIPD level 5 Reward Management
  • CIPD level 5 Contemporary Development in Employment Relations
  • CIPD level 5 Using Information in Human Resources
  • CIPD level 5 Managing and Co-Ordinating the HR Function
  • CIPD level 5 Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
  • CIPD level 5 Developing Professional Practice
  • CIPD level 5 Human Resource Management

CIPD Level 7

CIPD learning in level 7 teaches the professionals and potential students long-term skills of HR that support their professional careers with comprehensive details. This level instils strategic thinking, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and leadership skills within the individuals so that they could exhibit high performances within the workplace. It specifically suits the senior HR professionals and managers who have to shift to challenging roles and carry out HR vital tasks. Likewise, this CIPD advanced level opens elite and diverse job placements in the market after its successful completion. Additionally, it is undertaken if the learner has certified CIPD levels 3 and 5 successfully so that they could gain a solid command in the leadership and management roles. This advanced level focuses on the following units:

  • CIPD level 7 Human Resource Management
  • CIPD level 7 Human Resources
  • CIPD level 7 Employment Law
  • CIPD level 7 Reward Management
  • CIPD level 7 Resourcing and Talent Planning
  • CIPD level 7 Managing Employment Relations
  • CIPD level 7 Learning and Talent Development
  • CIPD level 7 Leadership and Management Development
  • CIPD level 7 Organisation Design and Organisation Development
  • CIPD level 7 Developing Skills for Business Leadership
  • CIPD level 7 Leading, Managing, and Developing People
  • CIPD level 7 Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective
  • CIPD level 7 HRM in Context

CIPD Division into Award, Certificate, and Diploma

CIPD is divided into the following modes of learning.

CIPD Award

CIPD award is the brief coverage of the particular aspect of HR which aims to provide the learners with hands-on skills and knowledge of HR. It is called as the foundation level of CIPD that is designed for the newbies who have no prior experience and learning of HR and L&D. Moreover, the CIPD award is said to be the parts of CIPD, not the entire qualification. Therefore, students who wish to learn and progress basic HR skills and competence to meet their organisational aims, enrol in this award study. It not only offers them the nuts and bolts of HR in a simple way, but it also forms an underpinning of further HR aspects and topics.

CIPD Certificate

CIPD certificate proffers intermediate level qualification of the chosen subject areas which help the learners to perform accurate and expert HR skills in their workplaces. Moreover, CIPD certificates target a broad coverage of the HR skills and competencies so that the professionals could develop managerial roles and deal with complex HR issues accordingly. In this manner, it lets the professionals apply the learnt knowledge and skills within a wide array of organisational contexts. Hence, the CIPD certificate and CIPD diploma incorporate similar units since the diplomas are an extended form of CIPD certificates.

CIPD Diploma

CIPD diploma is the specialised form of learning that involves profound HR and L&D concepts and skills that are necessary to infuse within a variety of business frameworks. In addition to this, they are responsible for training the professionals to execute senior management roles to become an effective HR expert and supervise all the HR complex situations. Moreover, they also have to deal with the subordinates along with directing them to the right roadmaps for better outcomes. Therefore, the CIPD diploma embraces extensive and all-embracing courses of HR and L&D.

The Significance of CIPD Certification

CIPD learning leads to a better and healthy work environment since it brings an array of positive outcomes. Firstly, becoming an HR professional supports people in different ways. It empowers them to boost their performances. It gives them long-term business skills and insights into difficult organisational affairs. Secondly, upon the completion of CIPD qualification, the professionals enter versatile job positions in different contexts ranging from charities to media settings. Thirdly, you could also undertake different HR and L&D roles such as recruiter, senior manager, HR practitioner, HR business partner, HR generalist, people analytics, people director, people administrator, career consultant, whatnot! Last yet not least, CIPD certification offers highly-paid employments to professionals within a wide range of specialisation areas. Since you would be proficient in designing organisation approaches for employee engagement, working with different trade unions, creating and changing work atmospheres, bringing cultural change in workplaces, coaching and mentoring managers, attracting and retaining talent, planning and delivering benefit plans, and identifying and training talent within an organisation, the CIPD learning unfolds a plethora of perks and development for the professionals. Therefore, CIPD learning takes you to elite places where you could make the most of your advanced and honed HR and L&D skills!

Why CIPD Assignments give a Tough Time to the KSA Students?

CIPD assignments are spanned over a wide range of complicated and extensive areas which make them highly daunting for the students to achieve them. Not only this, they demand in-depth research and exploration process of factual data which makes the students overwhelmed with inflated pressure. Sometimes the CIPD assignments belong to the foundation level which requires uncovering the tough HR knowledge, while other times the assignments are based on the advanced level that add fuel to the nightmares of the stuck students. Frequently, it is the assignment brief that generates confusion and chaos in the soothed lives of the students and they are not able to fulfil the listed requirements. On the other hand, the students of Saudi Arabia are majority of non-native speakers, which is why having the right grip on the précis English grammar rules and regulation is a rare case. Not only this, they are oblivious of the academic research patterns which make the CIPD assignments even more twisted to complete successfully. And yes, the deadlines! That is the scariest part of CIPD assignments of all, thus all these factors when combined together build a colossal milestone for the students to plan and execute their CIPD assignments within the provided time-frames.

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